My disconnected Sunday

Lately, I have been feeling badly about missing moments with Miles because I am only focused 50% of the time on him, and the other 50% on my cell phone.  My frequented apps are Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Baby Center, and Gmail.  I made Lance do it with me, for fun.

Woman with her daughter sitting in a cafe

Woman with her daughter sitting in a cafe

Yesterday, while I was talking with my friends on Facebook, i looked down and saw this cute little guy and decided that it was time to take a little break.  Look how cute!


So, on Sunday I shut my phone off and spent the day without it.  This was my experience.

I found that my singing is so terrible that it actually keeps Miles awake while I am breastfeeding!  No, but seriously….the breastfeeding experience while paying attention only to Miles was much more intimate.  I felt like I had time to truly focus on him.  It was nice.

On the flip side, I also thought of a few things I needed to do, or wanted to research and didn’t have the knowledge at my fingertips.  I tried to sit down and nurse while looking at recipe books, but it proved to be hazardous with The Better Home and Gardens Recipes near Miles’ head! I also couldn’t text Lance whenever I needed something while I was breastfeeding, which proved to be pretty inconvenient.

I realized that we have no clocks around the house except for in the kitchen.  We are so used to having our cell phones on us.  I pity the people who visit and don’t have their phones on them when they go to bed at night.  We definitely need to get some clocks!

Lance and I spent brunch laughing hysterically about my baby hairs and their versatility,  and reciting lines from Mr. Holland’s Opus.  We even had a second cup of coffee together.  Something which wouldn’t have happened if we were looking at our phones.


All in all, I truly enjoyed today and realized that I need to put my phone away more often.  Try spending even a few hours without your phone and comment on your experience.  I bet you some great things will come out of it!


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