Happy Snooze-day!



Last week I made mention to how I have recently been allowing this fast paced fun filled life get the best of me.  This week is a new approach.  Generally I’m stressing to get as much as I possibly can done during the week because our weekends are so booked.  Cooking, cleaning, errands, projects, extra curriculars… The list of course goes on.  We all know the tune to this song.

This past weekend was no exception and by 7:30pm I was out and nearly slept an entire 12 hours!  I’m out of the office for training this week- and decided on this well-rested-low-stress Monday to make it a theme for my week.  If things don’t get done, it’s okay!

I spent the evening with my loves.  We worked out (which I have completely quit the past 6 months) and followed with a nice family walk for Ella.

Were ended the evening watching our new fav series “Treme”.

How refreshing to allow myself to not have a to do list!

XoXo – R and baby El

“the most well behaved dog is a sleeping dog”






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