Week 6 of Mommyhood

It’s week six, and Miles and Lance and I are doing great!  So far we have overcome sleepless nights, the stomach flu, and have recovered from a c-section.  Lance and I really feel like we are getting the hang of things.

One barrier we faced so far as parents was Lance and I weren’t communicating with one another about how we were feeling.  Whether we were frustrated with Miles, or tired, or just in a bad mood, we were taking things out on one another.  We talked about it last weekend and came up with a resolution that seems to be working right now.  It’s very basic, but it seems to be helping.

Before we go to bed when I am feeding Miles, we each say the following:

1. One special moment we had with Miles today

2. One frustrating moment we had with Miles today

3. One thing we truly appreciated about eachother

This week we are planning for our summer vacation in Ocean City, Maryland.  I have my 6 week check up with my gynecologist, a dinner date with my girls and a few visitors so we will also be tidying up a bit.


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