Get Organized!

Lately I have felt very unorganized. The girls started preschool, I started working more hours, and we went on vacation all in a span of two weeks, then on top of that all of our weekends have been packed with plans since returning from vacation. To say we have been busy, would be an understatement. My house is not to back to where I like it to be and I feel super scatter brained. So, it’s time to put an end to the madness. I’m getting organized if it takes everything in me!

I’m starting by getting my laundry situation under control. The past two days I have made it a point to do at least one load. One load means…washing, drying, folding AND putting away. Putting away is usually where I fall short; there’s just something about it that I loathe, but the sense of accomplishment I feel when it’s done is so worth it.

I also created folders for the paperwork I need for work. That alone was a small task. I’m a bit of a hoarder when it comes to work related things so it took me a some time to look through everything and decide what I needed and what I could throw away.


The next thing on my list is to get a planner, one I can keep in my purse so I always have access to it. I find that planners work best for me when it comes to keeping a calendar. I have tried using my phone calendar but for some reason I couldn’t get into the swing of keeping up with it. I’ve also tried quite a few apps but none have fit the bill. I need something that I can physically hold and glance at when needed.  Below are a few that I’m in love with!

Top Left: SHPplanners (Etsy Shop) Top Right: Lilly Pulitzer-Lilly's Lagoon Bottom Left: Anthropoligie Rosy Outlook 2016 planner Bottom Right: SHPplanners (Etsy Shop)

Top Left: SHPplanners (Etsy Shop)
Top Right: Lilly Pulitzer-Lilly’s Lagoon
Bottom Left: Anthropoligie Rosy Outlook 2016 planner
Bottom Right: SHPplanners (Etsy Shop)

Last but not least…I WILL GET MY HOUSE IN ORDER ON SATURDAY! I will clean all the toys out from under the couch, I will clean baseboards, and put away things that are out of place. It’s amazing how a clean and organized home can make life feel so much better and relaxed.

Check back next week to see how and if I’m feeling a bit more content in my less scattered life!


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