Today I couldn’t stop thinking about how BUSY I am.  How STRESSFUL it is.  I have celebrations for my friends all over the calendar – new jobs, new babies, new houses, another birthday, another baby, a visit to family, or family is visiting, a wedding to plan, a dog to keep after.  The list goes on and on and on.  The thought of a blog post- just another thing to do.

When skimming through pinterest to find an easy meme to post I was reminded how lucky I am to have so much to keep me busy.

I am surrounded by more friends and family than I can keep up with!  I have a home that needs cleaned, and money to pay the bills!  Although the list is long and growing – today I will instead remember that it could be worse.  It could be that I have none of these things.



Here’s to a new week, with more celebrations!


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