Preschool, Potty Training, and Big Girl Beds…OH MY!

Syd is a full blown toddler; she’s crazy, funny, intuitive, smart, and super inquisitive! She loves “Frozen,” stickers, her dog, and playing with her sister!

It’s hard for me to believe that three years ago we were dying to meet her and now she is a potty-training preschooler who is ready for a big girl bed! Where did the time go? As excited as I am about having only one child in diapers, I’m also a little sad that my first baby is now some-what of a “big-kid.” It’s weird that she has friends besides her sister and it’s even stranger that I trust her to sleep in a bed…by herself, without railings…

1st Day of Preschool!

1st Day of Preschool!

Preschool was our first step into toddler-ville. Syd is my momma’s girl, so drop-offs are usually tear-filled and hurried, but pick-ups are always filled with smiles and excitement to inform me of every little detail from her day. Preschool is also a great stepping stone for kids like Syd who need a little encouragement when it comes to things like potty-training.

We started our potty-training journey last fall…yes, you read that right, last fall! Syd showed a lot of interest and seemed like she was ready. We went out and bought a potty, some bribery snacks and big girl underwear, but when we got the potty home, Syd wouldn’t even sit on it. It sat in our bathroom, unused, until two weeks ago! That’s when she decided she was ready and she hasn’t turned back! I’m happy to report that she is half-way to being potty-trained. Letting Syd decide when she was ready was the best thing I could do for both of us; she knows when she needs to go, she’s excited to receive the applause when she does go, and likes being a “big girl.” I strongly suggest using M&M’s as a reward, it’s crazy what kids will do for them!

As for the big girl bed; a few weeks ago when we were on vacation, I let Syd sleep in a big girl bed and she loved it! I don’t want to overwhelm her with all the recent changes so I’m waiting a few more weeks before we switch her bed but we are starting to prep her for the big move! She has picked out her bedding (with my approval) and we talk about how she needs to behave in her new bed. She is excited to say the least and I think she will do great!

Before I know it, she’ll be getting her driver’s license and going on her first date…not sure I’m ready for this growing up thing!


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