I’ve got BIG news !

GOOD MORNING WORLD!  I have been talking in all caps for the past 7 days.

My birthday was last week on Tuesday.  I turned 29 and it was the best day of my life!

I came in to work flooded with gifts.  My coworkers had a card signed by our entire team, flowers, cupcakes, and a gift card for stubhub.  The fact that my boss knows me enough to know I love a good concert or baseball game and remembered that on my birthday was so special and personal.

My boss’s grandmother and owner of the company came to join us for birthday snacks.  One of our lovely and lively contractors even stopped by for cake and gifted me a starbucks gift card.

The sweetest boyfriend on the planet had flowers sent to work.

I came home, got ready and went to a 5 star dinner at a place called Cure.  We didn’t skimp on a thing and it was to die for.

I went home with a smile ear-to-ear.  I felt so loved on my birthday this year.

Of course as we entered the house my terrible terrible dog was surround by not one-but two pair of my shoes and few other special things that I generally do a better job of hiding.    UGH- and my mood changed.  I get exhausted cleaning up after this pup.  She’s lovely and adorable – but she also is challenging and takes a lot of work.  Shes eaten 100’s of dollars of my favorite things.

Michael tried his hardest to make light of the situation – but I couldnt brush the anger.   I was sick of it!  I said “IT’S NOT FUNNY!”

So he left the room and came back with a bowl of limes and a favorite picture of the two of us.

I met Michael at my dear friend Kristina’s wedding.  I was a bridesmaid with a glass FULL of lime wedges to mask the taste of the celebratory cocktails.  Micheal approached me and said : “Hey, you going to save any limes for the rest of the party?”  And ever since limes have popped up on many occasions.  His first visit to Chicago he came with limes to gift.  My first visit to New York he was sure to have a stock pile of my favorite citrus.

Michael is always thoughtful this way.  I read the back of the picture, and in short it said something like this:

I got you these limes because they remind me of all the unique and unusual things that brought us together.  I also got you this ring to propose that I will love you always and forever if you take my hand in marriage!

He was on his knee.. I was crying… and eventually he had to remind me to speak:





And we lived happily ever after.  The End.   JUST KIDDING – prepare yourself for wedding planning blog post over load! Cheers to Feyonce Life!  #SeeYouOnTheSlickSide


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