Dairy and Soy-Free Diet

A few weeks after Ainsley was born we determined that she had a dairy and soy intolerance.  We were relieved to find a solution to the problem, but, if I’m being totally honest, I really struggled the first few weeks with modifying my diet. No ice cream, chocolate, macaroni and cheese…it’s just cruel to take away all of my favorite comfort foods, especially as I’m adjusting to the stress of being a first time mom.


But, as the weeks progressed, I was able to find some go-to favorites that are free from dairy and soy. The surprising thing is that I actually feel better on the dairy and soy free diet. I find that I have a lot more energy and no longer feel bloated or tired after each meal. Here are some of my favorite meals:


  • Omelets with a variety of veggies
  • Smoothies with almond milk
  • Cheerios with almond milk
  • Homemade bread, toasted, with Kirkland organic strawberry jelly


  • Grilled BBQ chicken (my brother makes homemade BBQ sauce that is soy/dairy free)
  • Boxed spaghetti with tomato sauce ( Prego traditional, Newman’s Own marinara, Barilla traditional)
  • Black bean salsa served over rice
  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwich (Kirkland organic peanut butter and strawberry jelly on homemade bread)
  • Tacos (ground beef with McCormick taco seasoning)
  • Garden salad with various seasonal toppings (No croutons) (Marzetti “Simply Dressed” -strawberry and poppyseed dressing is dairy and soy-free!!!  Woot!)
  • Salad dressing


  • SuperPretzel Soft Pretzels
  • Skinny Pop Popcorn
  • Utz Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips (these chips are also gluten free)
  • Late July Organic Tortilla Chips (Costco)
  • Spikes Salsa
  • Wholly Guacamole (Costo)

Stop back next Wednesday for a mouth-watering chocolate dessert that is dairy and soy free.  Yum, yum yum!


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