Baby Estime is almost here!

It is a 5andwhine tradition to honor the mothers-to-be a week leading to their baby shower.  Although my baby sister is not a veteran 5andwhiner – she is still the love of my life.   As we are just days away from celebrating her and welcoming her first child I can not help but reflect on what an amazing women she is.    She has dedicated her life to spreading the gospel and serving others.  What more of a role model can you ask a mother to be?

Being as I was lucky to have been my baby sisters Maid of Honor – I have already once had to find the words to describe my lovely angel of a sister.   Below is my “MOH” speech to remind my dear sister of how beautiful she is and how naturally prepared she is to be a mother.

Good Evening! For those of you who don’t know me, Im Rachel, the very proud older sister of this very beautiful Bride. I want to start by congratulating Stevana and Zachary, and also by thanking all of you for coming here today. I especially want to thank the friends and bridesmaid that had such a huge hand in making today perfect… Not only Stevie’s friends came together as a team, but mothers, fathers, boyfriends and husbands who lent a hand to give a girl the wedding of her dreams, so thank you for that

I would like to Say one thing before I go on. Zachary, I want you to know that in every hug and handshake you exchange tonight you will know the presence and love of your father, and mine.
It is a blessing to be a part of this celebration,  and also my duty as big sister and maid of honor to jump immediately into an embarrassing story about my little sister:

And so it starts, Stevana Morris circa 1999 types a letter, as follows…

I’m Running away from home and I’m taking dogs with me.

And off she went, and maybe with the dogs.

And she trekked, and she made it allllll the way to turkey hill… For those of you who may not know, that is less than a quarter mile from our house. And then she returned. To be honest, I don’t know if she actually took the dogs, or how long she was gone. Because we only actually found the note saved on the computer weeks later and Stevana denied the entire activity until half way through our adult lives. There is one thing I do know undoubtedly, and that is that she most definitely had her blanket duo dragging behind her. Like Linus from the peanuts cartoon, Stevie drug her feet, sucked her thumb, and pulled two small blankets everywhere she went. One modestly known as blankey, and the other for which we have no understanding was known as coom. The coom was some kind of toxic waste reminiscence of what was once a sweet yellow quilt. Stevie would cry mercifully if we would attempt to leave the humiliating carcass at home to avoid scoffs from strangers. We don’t know why entirely that Stevie loved coom and blankey so much… But I do know it has something to do with her undying loyalty and love to the things and the people closest to her.

Stevie has prided her life on these qualities, and because of that I have developed the deepest love and respect and care for my baby sister. It weighs heavy on my family how deeply we care for Stevana, so introducing the thought of sharing her with a man scared us, or me, to the core. I always wondered Who could possibly be worthy of someone so good?

And only months ago, and in only about thirty minutes of spending time with Zachary did I know in my heart that if there is someone who is as pure and kind as Stevie. That this is that man. At our first dinner Zachary shared with me stories of his family, his time with mine, and his future plans with my sister, which are to care for her, and to be a leader in change and a leader in spreading Gods word. There is a way about him that warms me. I guess it’s the way he speaks with the same love and loyalty my sister does. Plus he’s willing to shake his hips all over michaels crafts with me in attempts to get on Stevie’s nerves!
I look at the two of you and think you are an inspiration. what a beautiful love story… Separately you gave your hearts to God, and so he rewarded you with love, and with that love you took it out to share with the world, not only with your family but to those who don’t have enough family to love them back:  and for that God rewarded you with each other.

Stevie my angel, and Zachary my brother; I believe in the mission that you two have dedicated your lives. I believe in your marriage and I love you both. I am proud to be your family. And I know that everyone in this room shares that same encouragement and trust.

So please join me in lifting your hearts or your glasses; I have one small challenge for you …A great writer once said the secret to his love was simply this and I wish it to you both..which I will share first in my brothers native tongue…
Do joo la meh, ah vek you nah moo, capreese pah see la moo (phonetically spelled!) – Repeat in English :
Always love with a love that is more than love !
To Stevie and Zach !!

stevie3 stevie4 stevie7

stevieANDi StevieANDi2 stevieANDi3 stevieANDi4
I love you SO much Stevie and I can not wait to celebrate with you this weekend !


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