Father’s Day Footprint Project

Since Miles John was born on June 12, it didn’t leave me much time to prepare anything extravagant for Lance’s first Father’s Day.  I mean….I did give him a child, but I felt like he deserved a little token of my appreciation in advance for all the things he would do for Miles this year.

So, I saw a footprint idea on Pinterest, but it was super expensive to have someone from Etsy copy your child’s scanned-footprint.  I decided to make something on my own with the same sentiment with a picture of Miles, his footprints, name and date of birth.

Since I just had a c-section, I couldn’t make it around the craft store, so I called ahead and made sure they had the supplies I wanted.  The lady who worked there even put things into a shopping cart for Lance so he wouldn’t have to wander around.   I also ordered the pictures online from Target so Lance could just pick them up.

This is what we bought:  printed a few pics of miles, finger paints ( I don’t recommend this.  We are just worried first-time parents.  Ink would work way better), card stock, sticker letters, picture frames.


We took the finger paints and put it on Miles’ feet and did our best to get it on the card stock.  It was hard because he was crying and trying to move his feet the entire time.   Hint for next time: do it when babe is asleep.


I added Miles’ first and middle name and the date he was born with stickers.

I taped on some pictures after I added a little paint border.


I put it in the frame and made one for Lance and one for his dad, Miles’ Grandpa!


On Father’s Day, Lance and his dad got these personalized, one-of-a-kind, sentimental gifts and they were fun to make!  To top things off, we dressed Miles in a few Daddy and Grandpa onesies throughout the day to keep the Father’s Day theme!  It’s not hard to go through multiple onesies in a day with a newborn!



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