With summer right around the corner I have been feeling the incredible urge to try all the new trends!  I fully believe in trying something especially if it’s a great price and if it suit’s your body type.  Here is a list of my top five trends to try this summer!  

1. ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING Palm tree print – I have become full on obsessed with palm tree print anything.  I am automatically drawn to it, whether it’s home decor or a fashion piece.  I picked up this sarong from HM to try for our vacation.  I think a little bit might be better than over load (i.e. all over palm tree print romper was not the best fit for me)!


2. Tassel necklaces – I have been dying to get my hands on a bright and cheery one to go with white or ivory.  I have been eyeing up a few pieces on lisespieces.com and they range in price but are all very reasonable I figure I could get a few!

3, Peasant tops/dresses – I have been seeing a ton of off the shoulder looks lately.  Whether it’s in dress form or tops, this gauzy bohemian look is right up my alley in the comfort department.  For the summer I am always looking for breezy comfortable items that are not going to stick to me.


4. Lace up sandals in flat or heel form- I love the high lace up look on my most favorite celebs (aka Kourtney K) but in all reality that would look not so great on me.  I found this pair at Target last time I was there but ended up getting another pair instead and that day I couldn’t justify buying two pairs with a laundry list of other items to get.   I do think I will make a trip back because it has a very slight wedge and I think it would be nice for work and play.

5. Oval nails – I’m not talking Lady Gaga status or anything like that but the oval nail trend has been going strong and with all my favorite lighter colors coming in gel polish’s now I really want to try this nail trend at least once.  I tried shaping my own nails at home and it did not work out too well.  Again, I’m thinking about right before vacation, anything goes right?



What are you dying to try this summer??! 


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