Chop, chop 

Last week I promised a full run-down of the breastfeeding-friendly clothing I recently purchased, but you’ll have to wait one more week because today I’m talking about something totally different, hair. 

Yesterday I took the plunge and chopped off my hair.  This is the third time I’ve donated my hair to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program. In case your aren’t familiar, it’s an organization that works in partnership with the American Cancer Society. Together, they create FREE wigs for women and children who have lost their hair as a result of cancer treatments.  

I’ve been growing my hair out for months to meet the 8″ requirement for the program. Here is a before picture of my long hair…


The morning of my appointment, I washed and dried my hair.  Once I got to the salon, my hairdresser measure out 8+ inches and divided my hair into 3 sections…

 Three cuts later and my hair was ready to be donated! 


  I wanted to try something different this time and had my hair highlighted. If you plan to donate your hair, check to make sure colored hair will be accepted. I don’t plan to donate my hair in the near future so it seemed like a good time to try something different. 

Two hours later, here is the end result and I couldn’t be happier!  🙂


PS- if you’re in the South Central PA area and are looking for a new salon, I HIGHLY recommend Bristle and Prim! Dana is always so welcoming and gives the best haircuts!


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