Little Box of Sun Shine

A week or so ago Michael was having a high pressure week at work.  Our at home schedule was pretty chalked full as well with a weekend of hosting in front of us.  I wanted to help relieve the stress and made him this ‘little box of sunshine!’  I spent no more than $10.00 and less than 20 minutes running to the stores to grab a few gifts to remind him that even on a bad dark day (or week, or month) he is the center of my world and deserves every second of my time trying to cheer him up.



Just a few things that matched the sunshine theme like a Lemon Bar and a Lemon Cocktail. An old birchbox. And a few cut outs from some scrap paper I had lying around.



A sweet card to thank him for always working incredibly hard.



Swedish Fish are his favs. Ella ate that smiley ball before he even had a chance to finish looking through the box.




A play on the snickers campaign … although Mikey prefer’s a sweet and salty bar!



He chewed that entire pack of gum in one day.



A few IOUs to help the at home work load feel a bit less, as well as a few sweet comments, and funny jokes.

What other creative ideas do you have to lighten the mood when things get gray?


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