Beach essentials for babies and toddlers!

Summer vacation here we come!!! Next week the girls and I will be heading to the shore for some much needed fun in the sun; unfortunately it is the busy time in my husband’s line of work so he will not be able to join us but I will be joined by my parents and siblings! Traveling with kids and toddlers is not easy but if you go in prepared it makes things much more relaxed and fun! I have two beach trips with the girls under my belt so this year I feel confident that the items I pack will come in handy! Here’s what I will be packing this year!


1) A baby pool-the past two years these have been lifesavers! It does not have to be anything fancy or big. We usually purchase one the first day and use it all week. It’s great for on the beach; we fill it with water, and toys and the girls are occupied for hours! They are can play and people watch and I can work on my tan, it’s a win-win! Just make sure to keep applying sun screen!!

2) Baby Powder-my girls love to play in the sand so baby powder comes in very handy. Pour a small amount on to their arms and legs and lightly brush them off. The sand comes right off!

3) Our little red wagon-I love this thing! It’s great for hauling your babies to the beach but once you get there, you take the babies out, put your stuff in and find your beach spot, hands free!

4) Baby gates-we have stayed at the same beach house the past two years so I know exactly where I will placing baby gates this year.

5) Extra flat sheets-without fail I am always 1 or 2 flat sheets short. There are a number of things I use them for when we travel. I always put one out at our beach spot, this gives the girls plenty of sand-less room to play; I use them as back-up in case the pack-n-play sheet needs to be changed and they are great to use as laundry bags when it’s time to head home!

Now if only someone could unpack and do the after-vacation-laundry for me! What are your essential vacation items for babies and toddlers?


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