Wine Bottle Art


I have been holding on to this blue wine bottle for over a year.  I think the glass is so pretty, and I wanted to do something fun with it.  I have always loved to be creative but rarely give myself time to.  If so, I am usually making something for someone else.  I was cleaning up my kitchen and came across the blue wine bottle and thought….I should do something with this, this weekend.

I went to a craft store and purchased some glass paint after doing a little research on Pinterest.  Here were my Pinsperations!

spray-painted bottles

wild designs

white glass design

After starting the project, I realized that it really wasn’t going to be that easy to do a Henna-Style design.  My hand had to be so steady and it was not my day to be perfect.  Next time, I think I will try spray painting the entire bottle first so the paint goes on easier.

20150607_152000 20150607_151935 20150607_150529

I think there could be so many great uses for the wine bottle.  For now, I will use it for olive oil or dressing, but I have also cut wine bottles and used them as candle holders and vases (centerpieces for my wedding).



Here are some other wine bottle craft ideas which can easily be found on pinterest: lantern/torch for outside entertaining area, olive oil holder, vase, candle holder, decorative piece, bird feeder, picture holder (with cork in the top with slit in it to hold picture.


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