Girl Power!

With the recent buzz surrounding Caitlyn Jenner, no one should be shocked at the negative opinions regarding her situation.  The fact that she’s attached to the not-always-so-positive Kardashian crew doesn’t work in her favor. We are inundated, seemingly daily, with anything from Kylie’s foul snap chats to Kimye being preggo with twins.  The media storm around them never really stops.  When Bruce married Kris Jenner, he unwittingly signed up for a lot of that publicity.

I was very curious about what he had to say, so I tuned into the Diane Sawyer interview where he discussed his transition into a woman.  I am by no means an expert on the subject.  I wanted to watch it for my own personal knowledge, since I had no idea on some of the subjects.  It was truly fascinating and heart breaking to hear someone that lived their entire lives as someone else.  Bruce had known that he was truly a female on the inside since he was little, but never felt he could be his true self.  When he went to the Olympics, he was deemed the “World’s Best Athlete.”  There was no room in his life to come out to anyone.  Over the years, a few small indicators  came up, but what truly resonated with me was the amount of times he had to suppress that part of himself.

This is how I imagine it.  Walking everyday, years upon years, building up different opinions.  Keeping them bottled up because you’re afraid you might piss off the wrong person.  I have no idea how a transgender person feels, but this is how I sort of interpret it.  When you see people throwing around ugly comments and negative words, remember, no one would choose this life for themselves.  This is the life they are given.  They are just trying to make the most of it.

I’m glad there is a lot of publicity surrounding this story.  We need start paying attention to these topics.  We don’t talk about it enough because it makes us feel uncomfortable.  Wake up!  It’s 2015 and we need to get over it!  I hope this story inspires other people in the transgender community and beyond to stop hiding who they truly are.



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