Traveling with pets

Our two dogs, Bela and Libby, are not strangers to long car rides and exploring new places.  But, it’s taken some practice to know what to expect when traveling with pets over the summer. Today, I thought I would share some helpful tips that have made traveling and camping with pets a success for us. 

1. Use a gentle leader– Walking two dogs can be tiring when they are constantly pulling you every which way to smell the closest mailbox or bark at the dog across the street. The gentle leader is a collar that has helped us tremendously reduce the amount of pulling during our walks. It loops around their noses and redirects their attention each time they pull.  (If you’re interested, here’s a short video explaining how to use the collar.)   


2. Vet records – We learned this lesson the hard way when we forgot to take a copy of our dogs records on a recent trip.  It’s not uncommon for hotels, campgrounds, or other rentals to ask for a copy of your dogs shots. We simply call the vet the week before our trip and keep a copy of the record in the glove compartment.

3. Run, run, run – Did you ever spend so much time in the car that your legs become sore or your butt falls asleep? Your pet feels the same way! Before leaving for a long day on the road, go for a long walk to help your dogs get out some of their energy.  A napping dog is a happy dog! 

Morning run on the beach

 4. Dog-friendly?– When picking a destination, look for dog friendly towns. Last summer, we stopped in Burlington, VT and loved how dog friendly the town was! The dogs were able to ride over on the ferry, swim in the lake, walk through the shops downtown, and even sat with us at dinner. Check with the staff to be sure dogs are welcome. 

Crossing Lake Champlain on the ferry


Resting while momma shops!

5. Special treats – You’re on vacation, so treat yourself…. and your pets! Don’t forget about your furry friends when you order. 🙂  

Staying cool with vanilla ice cream


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