Birchbox Limited Addition: Under the Sun box review!

I have mentioned in the past I am a loyal Birchbox subscriber since 2013.  I absolutely love the concept of monthly subscription clubs.  At $10.00 a month (or $110.00 for an annual subscription) you can receive 5 or more sample-to-full size products a month varying from mid-to high end beauty products.   From hair, make-up, nails, and body birchbox knows all the trends.  They also have a huge face on social media with posts and videos of inspiration and how-tos to guide you through the seasons, the trends, and the every day life of being a fashionable lady (or man!).

Outside of your monthly box you can shop at full price or with a points program for the products you loved, Birchbox (aka “BB”) exclusives, and limited addition boxes.  I have been storing points (10 points for every dollar spent at the stores and also points for every product review you do.  100 points = $10.00 off).  With almost 900 I have been scouring the store for the perfect free gift for myself.

It never fails that each summer the new summer limited addition box grabs my attention.   The Under the Sun box was no exception and PACKED full of products for only $55.00.   At a $143.00 value- I felt this box was well worth the the price point.  Here’s what I think ….



Chloe + Isabel Birchbox Exclusive Medina Convertible Pendant Necklace :



LOVE!  Its absolutely adorable and an appropriate length.  I received uncountable amounts of compliments in just day one of wear.  Convertible is cool- but I love the classic layered pendant look:  One turquoise stone and a row of sparkling crystals on a tarnished brass chain.  The idea of the Chloe and Isabel exclusive lines means not every girl on every corner will be wearing your new everyday chain.  Throw on with a plain tee or a boho look for Friday  night.   BONUS:  hypoallergenic and nickle-free for us ladies with easily bothered skin.

BAGGU® Standard Baggu Tote Bag (prints will vary)

baggu_standard_baggu_elephant_jade_900x900This was a very cool bonus.  Incredibly large and there is not a single color or pattern that I do not like.  It folds up into a tiny pouch which makes it convenient to toss into a clutch until you are ready to use it.  This will be nice for days that I go to the grocery store and forget my reusable bags.  At $9.00  I would say it would be hard for me to consider purchasing this outside of this box.  Maybe it would make for a nice gift?  It stands as a product I could live with out- but will use now that I have it!

Cynthia Rowley Beauty On the Go Multi Blush & Bronzer Duo


This is it!  This is the perfect summer makeup package.  Small enough to travel with, light enough for hot summer weather, and a adjustable colors.  In the summer I dont have the energy for the same make-up routines as I do in spring/fall/winter months.  It is hot, I will sweat, my pores will get full, my face will be sticky – nothing is worth it.  Two-six swipes:  Pink on your check bones, bronze underneath, and  a bit above my brows.  Quickly blend with a sponge or a cover-up brush.  DONE.   You can go dark or light.  But the lack of effort and the beautiful easy glow you receive makes this duo totally a must have.  All you need is a liner, quick swipe of mascara, and a gloss- and out the door you go.  They are small enough to pack along, in case you want to reapply.   I will consider buying this (if I ever actually run out, its a nice size product!).

Knockaround Premiums

knockaround_premiumsunglassesmatte_smoke_redsunset_900x900These were what really pushed me to go for the box.  They just look super cool, and very different from all the the classic style sunglasses I own.  I thought they would be perfect for a day at the pool etc.  Unfortunately I wouldn’t say they are as amazing as I expected.  They weight less than a penny and there is very little shade provided.  In fact I feel like the reflective lens actually were not reflective at all – they seemed to attract light in a way.  I am sad- although they are a cute enough accessory that I may still wear them when I am not in actually need of shaded views.

Laura Mercier Baked Eye Colour (shades will vary)

lauramercier_bakedeyeshadow_terracotta_900x900This shadow is nice.  Nice means I do not really want to pay $24.00 for a single color.  Also the color I received was not one of the three shown.  It was light and pretty, not at all metallic or glittery.  I have to say I have not tried the suggested “Wet Application.”  I have to give it more of a chance before I can say its not perfection. The truth is- I dont wear shadow on a regular basis and do not feel I am the best judge of must-have shadows.

ncLA Nail Lacquer in Bikinis and Martinis


This color is cute and fun for the summer.   It took 3 coats, it did not fill my natural ridges well, and even with 3 coats and a top coat it chipped relatively quickly.  If this were half the price I would say yes, yes, yes!  It is top dollar- and not comparable to the Essies and Julips in my current collection.

Sugarpova Flirty Candy


YUM!  I ate the entire bag in two sittings.  I would have eaten them all in one – but had to talk myself out of it.  If I see these on the shelf out in the world, I would snag them up.  Gummies happen to be my fav candy! PSST- no fat!?  RUN dont walk for a guilt free snacky.

Supergoop!® Skin Soothing Mineral Sunscreen with Olive Polyphenols SPF 40 – Travel Size


If you have never tried Supergoop products this is a company you need to get to know.  They have the friendliest products for face care.  I would say I have not met a supergoop product I did not like.  Your face is your FACE!  Hello, big deal.  You must wear sunscreen because you do not want to age or worse get cancer.  But you also hate the idea of another layer on your face, especially when heat is making you sticky or worse – sweaty!  This is the gem.   I forgot it was on as soon as I was done applying.  I felt safe to face a day of hiking and overlook views with out burning eyes, sunburns, or zits!  This one is the gem of the box for sure!

What are your summer MUST-HAVE products!?


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