Raccoon Creek State Park

The past two weekends we’ve had were semi free, in the fact that we didn’t have to rush from here to there and everywhere.  E has been able to do yard work and I was able to get my potted plants; planted.  In saying that Rachel called me two Sunday’s ago and wanted to go hiking.  After her quick search they came up with Raccoon Creek State Park.  About 40 minutes from here it was a place that was tucked away just enough but was very easily accessible.

They picked us up and we headed out.  We made sure to pack a bag with enough water, snacks, and flips for the way home.  The park is laid out with numerous trails, so if your hiking, biking, or even horseback riding there is a trail for everyone.  I am linking the map that we’ve used the past two trips to scout out the best routes.

Our first trail out we did hit a trail with a ton of hills.  It wasn’t so bad but it was definitely more than any of us bargained for and we ended up going about 5 miles that day.  The trails are super scenic and very very backwoods.  We seemed to be the only one on the trails but this was one of the first really nice weekends.  This past Sunday Rachel mapped our course including the fresh mineral spring on our hike.  It was really awesome and we ended up connecting to some of the other larger trails before heading back to the car.  The only draw back was that it had rained the day before and the ground was super muddy.  Ask Rachel and Mike’s Tom’s who feel victim to the sludge.  All in all this trail was around 4 miles with fewer hills but still the same great scenery.


Not the most flattering photo of us to say the least! But at least we were having fun!


A few things I’ve learned from hiking in Western PA is wear bug spray!  I got eaten alive and I had long pants on!  Purchase proper footwear.  We are planning on making this a regular occurrence and wearing sneakers is ok but does not provide a lot of support.  It was really nice to get out and see explore parts of PA that I’ve never been too.  You don’t have to go far to find out somewhere new and exciting.


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