One Year Down…Forever to Go!

I can hardly believe that our one year anniversary is right around the corner.  10 more days and we’ll have been married for one year!  We’ve been together so long that one year seems small in comparison to  all the things we did before we got married, although this year we have done a lot!  The most exciting moment that we shared together was purchasing our first home together, this was something that we always wanted and while the market was still good we jumped on the chance to pick up the perfect place.

There are a lot things I’ve learned this past year that were things that being married really put into perspective for me! Here are my top three things that I’ve learned since becoming Mrs. S 🙂

1. Changing your name – switching your name to your married name is tough, don’t let anyone tell you that it’s an easy task.  I just got my work information switched over but there are still documents that are not done.  This will probably take me the whole next year to complete.  I have a lot of friends that still have things in their maiden names because they haven’t gotten around to it!

2. Becoming more and more alike – I have learned that I am slowly turning into E.  We both started out as complete opposites (we did have some common interests) and now we are basically repeating what the other one said or completing each other sentences.  This pretty much goes without saying if you live with someone long enough your interests become the same, and that’s ok!

3. Not taking each other for granted – As we have progressed through our 20’s together our lives only seem to get more busy.  With overtime and volunteer committees our time together seems to be more sparse than it once was.  Gone are the days of laying around for 5 hours between classes, catching up on seasons of our favorite shows.  We (I) now struggle to keep my eyes open at 9pm.  I am more grateful than ever to spend quality time by ourselves without any distractions.  It seems as our lives move forward and we fill our time with more friends, children, career changes, and side projects we will probably have less time for just the two of us.  I have never taken this time for granted especially at this point in our lives, and a little bit of advice just because you talk everyday are you really talking at the other person or to the other person.  There is always time left in the day to really find out how your spouses day was.

To close… Here’s to you E!  We made it 353 days (today) as a married couple!  I knew we could do it!  Thank you for always being my biggest fan and believing in me even when I don’t always believe in myself.  I love you!  Cheers to us!



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