10 Reason’s Why Mondays Suck

Well, there’s no avoiding it, folks!  It’s Monday.  Even if you did absolutely nothing this weekend, are well-rested, and ready to work, Mondays alway suck.  This is why…..grumpycatmonday

1. Hopefully you caught up on sleep this weekend, because Sunday evenings are full of amazing TV like Mad Men, The Last Man on Earth and Game of Thrones.  If you had intended on getting to bed early, your peepers will be glued to the TV and your mind will be racing when your head hits the pillow.  After all, Sansa Stark is getting more and more mysterious!

2. No one, absolutely no one, get’s to work on time on Monday.  Every person in every vehicle has had the same issues you have had getting ready for work, and now you’re in “terrible traffic on the Parkway!”  By the time you found out how everyone’s weekend was, you’re bound to be 2 hours behind on your to-do’s.

3. Everything you didn’t get to on Friday is there waiting for you on your desk…….just waiting…..for you….to complete it.

4. Monday’s are supposed to be planning days, but they end up being “everything that I hadn’t planned on doing today,” days.

5. You probably didn’t have a chance to get to the grocery store over the weekend, so you will have to do it on Monday…..AKA I’m so starving I am going to buy every snack in the store and then stop and purchase dinner at a fast food restaurant on the way home because I am so hungry!

6. You’re back to the real world for another week of deadlines, drama, and pants that button…UGH!

7. You’re 5 torturous long days away from the weekend, which is already not going to be relaxing enough.

8. Everyone is in an absolute crap mood but they act like they’re optimistic and happy to see you.

9. When people aren’t in an absolute crap mood and they are happy to see you, it only makes you feel like less of a human for being such a hater and you hate them more.


10.  All of the money you spent over the weekend using your debit card comes out of your bank account on Monday!  “No man, I got it!  Don’t worry about it, seriously!”  Or, “Yes, we need $350 worth of things at Target, duh.”


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