Spring Closet Clean Out!

I think it’s safe to say that Spring has finally sprung.  It took a long time to get us there but were finally there!  In saying that I have been purging things all over the house.  Items that weren’t mine got returned, at the yard sale we got rid of a lot of useless items and the rest were donated, and then finally I decided to clean out my closet!

This has been a long time coming as I felt that I was getting rid of things after the yard sale but apparently not enough.  When preparing/packing for Kristina’s shower I realized I had absolutely nothing to wear.  I am not the only woman in America to ever udder those words but I really felt I was lacking in the casual/dressy/outside of work attire.

As I near my 30’s I’m realizing more and more that I need to dress my age.  At the beginning of my career I could wear pretty much anything I wanted since I was working in regular retail.  Now I’ve worked in the business casual world for the last three years and my wardrobe is anything but lackluster.  I’ve picked up things here and there along the way not being smart about how I was spending my $$.

I’ve decided to make a conscience effort to choose pieces that are a. suited for my body b. spending a little extra to get extra wear out of a piece c. creating a more versatile wardrobe.  This was also one of my NYE resolutions, so I need to follow through!

I took my clothing to a consignment and then off to Goodwill to be donated immediately afterwards nothing came back home with me!


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