Blogging for Dummies !

Blogging- as you may or may not know- is new and sometimes challenging for me!  I love this new form of communication with my best friends.  I love forcing myself to learn a new activity, hone in on my writing skills, creating a virtual personality, and documenting some of my favorite recipes and projects.

Although there is a lot to love- I still struggle to think of the most entertaining topics to “talk out loud about.”  Some weeks I know for sure – I proudly checked a project off the list and can not wait to share it! Some weeks – I am lost.  What should I say?  Who will care?

Well it has been a run of weeks like that later and I am hoping for some help from the 5&whine friends and family!

I have created poll in order to help guide my topic outline!  Please – let me know what you prefer to read about!  This will help all 5 of us as we battle through a check list of things we think other people may enjoy.  Thanks in advance!


XoXo !


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