Here’s to you, Kristina!

This week’s WCW is 5andwhine’s very own Kristina Waltman.  It’s time to shower her with the love she so greatly deserves as we all excitedly count down the weeks until the arrival of Baby Waltman.

The friendship between Kristina and I started when we were in 5th grade. From the beginning, it was clear that Kristina had a good heart and was so kind and welcoming.  As the years have passed, and our friendship has grown, I have no doubt that she is going to make one fantastic momma for so many reasons…

 -She stands up for what is right and is confident in her beliefs.  In both her personal and professional life, Kristina in an advocate for the ones she loves.

-She loves with all of her heart.  Through thick and thin, Kristina is a true friend who will always be there when you need her.  You can always count on her to find just.the.right.words for any situation.  Whether it be loving words of encouragement or advice, Kristina is constantly there with an open heart to listen and help you through it.

-Her laugh is contagious.  I have so many fond memories of the late night sleepovers that we shared in middle school and high school that were filled with her laughter.  Kristina is great at finding the positive in any situation and does it with grace and an infectious smile/laugh.

 Baby Waltman, you are lucky to be welcomed into a family that is sure to be loving and nurturing.  Your Momma is one great lady who will also be there to support you in your times of need, and celebrate you in your times of achievement.  Here’s to you, Kristina!



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