Tribute Week ! The baby Waltman and his Mommy :

Here we are once again!   T Minus 4 days until we celebrate the soon-to-be arrival of baby Dub’s, second-gen-5andwhine-Alum.  It looks like we have created a tradition and wish to spend this week honoring our best friend Kristina.  We want to share all about what has made her our best friend, and why she will be an even better mother.  Stick around all week to hear more!


I have always idolized all of my friends.  Each for separate traits that they carry so flawlessly.  I look up to Kristina for her boldness.  She is bold in so many ways of the word.  She has always been boldly gorgeous, funny, successful, professional, bold in the face of adversity, bold in times that would frighten others too deeply to continue on.  She is bold in her speech, in her comedy, and really in her approach to anything she does.  She will be a bold mother, and what a lucky boy that baby is for that.

I think for Kristina and I this is a trait we have always admired in each other.   Because both of us are hardly afraid of much- we find ourselves bringing otherwise controversial matters to head.  This is the magic of our friendship.  We’re aggressive and we work hard.  We have been lucky enough to have chances to test our teamwork  so many times over the years- and its purely a success each time.

One of my favorite times of each year is when the Arthritis Foundation holds there major fundraiser’s- the Jingle Bell Run and the Bone Bash.  A few years ago it became a tradition that I volunteer for these events.  What a blast it is to idea share, create, and challenge ourselves to do something more fun than the year before.    It really blossoms our friendship further every event.  Kristina has continued to trust in me high responsibility activities, and I get to admire her and watch her run events and relationships that raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for a worthy cause.

That is enough to make me fall in love with her.  But her ability does not stop as a leading women in the community.  Kristina is an elephant- which we all love and hate, she wont forget a thing that you ever did or say.  This is endearing (and humiliating considering we spent our teenage years together).   She is brilliant, observant, absolutely hysterical, she is passionate and BOLD.  Oh- and dare I forget to mention, I met the love of my life at her wedding – and basically owe her my entire life for that!

Baby, you are lucky.  You have a support system so prepared and so qualified.  Kristina my dear- be fearless as always.  There is not a thing in the world you have not succeeded in.  Everything else in you will carry your son so far into a comfortable and loving world.  Cheers Mama!  Sit back and relax – because all it takes is for you to be you.


One thought on “Tribute Week ! The baby Waltman and his Mommy :

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! I too always admired Kristina for her boldness and her confidence in herself. I remember once having a convo with her and some other friends about how she would make the perfect mom. Congrats Kristina! I am excited for you and can’t wait to see pictures of your little one!!

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