Front Yard Reno: Part 1

I feel like I have written so many lists (around my house) about what projects need to be done and by when.  I even started a new pretty notebook filled with Spring/Summer projects.  As the warmer weather is setting in I’m getting more excited about doing some serious work to the front yard.  Our front yard is very small and last year we took out several very large trees exposing our front yard (which means more time on the porch to people watch).

Here is my list of things that are in the works to revive the front of our house with out spending too much dough!

1. Create flower bed – plant 2-3 box woods and some smaller perennials in the front with a red brick outline for the border

2. Purchase two new outside lights for either side of the door – ours are super outdated and look so drab and are literally falling apart.  This is a quick  and fairly inexpensive way I’m going to dress up my front door.

3. Plan two potted plants on either side of my front stoop – I have the pots left over from last year and we filled in the dirt from a local recycled compost that was FREE!

4. We are researching putting down sod.  Since the front of our house is so small and half of the front yard will be flower bed we are thinking sod will be a great fix to quickly dress up the front without the use of waiting for the grass to come in.

5. Two hanging flower baskets – we have several hooks on the front porch that were there from the original owners so I think two would look really pretty hanging from the front.

6. Grind down the stumps in the front yard and back yard (this is my hubby’s job!)

*Additions (if I get the time, have the energy, or feel like spending the entire money)

1. Last year we purchased patio furniture super duper cheap from the local Kmart at $140.00 for a table, and 6 chairs!  It was a total steal and even though we only go to to use it twice I think it will be great this Spring/Summer.

2. To dress up the porch.  I was thinking of purchasing an outdoor rug.

3. My mom bought me a flower stand so I also wanted to put that on the front porch.

And here is my not so impressive front yard progress…




We cleaned up any weeds and old leaves and filled holes from old plants that we ripped out.

Do you guys have any other inexpensive ideas for making my front porch look cuter?


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