My Fav Instagram follows!

This week at work is an odd one – for several reasons that are long and boring-  I will have just a little less on my plate then usual.  I am excited to have a restful week and thankful for all the other bloggers and internet personalities out there who are keeping me entertained in my down time!  Here is just few of my favorites to follow on Instagram:

For a good laugh:

@server_life – IF YOU HAVE EVER served in your life, this will certainly make your day… several times a day. Follow for memes and jokes that every single server can relate to! Warning, this is sometimes “R” rated!



@chrissyteigen – Chrissy Teigen is a bold and beautiful model and A-lister.  Wife of the dreamy John Legend.  She’s kind of crass, but its always a hoot.  The girl loves her mom and LOVES to cook.  Im always entertained by what she has to say.


@omgliterallydead–  Co-Blog buddy Meagan sent me this one just last week.  It’s just too silly.  Even the handle makes me laugh.  Follow this trendy skeleton for one of those, roll-your-eyes-and-shake-your-head laughs.


@crazyjewishmom – One of my favorites.  It might be because for years I have some how been close to the Jewish community through work.  Or it might be that this mom fulfills so many stereo-types.  Either way, I never scroll past this one!  Watch mom advise her ‘spawn’ on how she better find a ring and do her kegels- or else her life is not worth living.


@byefelipe – Although the shock value of “bye felipe” is slightly offensive, I am in love with the purpose.  We are guy shaming here, but we are also reminding our fellow lady friends that everything is okay – you are beautiful, and some guys are really just simply jerks.



Artsy inspo:

@natgeo – National Geographic is several daily doses of stunning graphics and educational posts.  I am not one to follow the news, so this is an awe-inspiring way to stay in touch with worldly topics.


@Ihavethisthingwithfloors –  this was a recommendation from Reese Witherspoon who wrote a similar blog post to this.  This is all regrams of beautiful foot and floor shots from all over the world.  If only I could be as creative!



Fashion and Style:

@2sisters_angie – This tiny girl is unbelievable.  At 5 years old this fashion designer has collabs with JCrew and made it to several high end fashion shows.  Through her paper dress fashion this little girl and pleasant mother are all over the fashion scene.  Adorable!


@birchbox – Birchbox is my life saver.  I have learned so much about hair and make up products and through instagram quick vids, I have learned how to best use each of them!  After years of envy I finally learned how to do a perfect soft curl from a 30 second video! Love. It.



Local talent:

@michaelj23– My baby brother moved all the way across the country to San Diego, California to follow his dream of Skateboarding for a living.  Although my heart aches at the distance, I love watching how absolutely talented he is through his insta-videos.


@mariaquaranta40 – Photographer, Vegan, Yogi, DIYer, and proud and beautiful mother – this blogger is the genius behind 5andwhine’s profesh pics.  A Lancaster/Philly local!  We graduated from High School with Maria and we love to see her work!  She is fresh, friendly, and trendy – give this do-it-all-mom a follow for tips on clean eats and clean behaviors!


@svetlanaphotography – From our rival high school but not a rival in the friend circle.  I was very good friends with Svetlana in our ‘getting to know ourselves’ years.  Her work as a photographer is stunning.  High fashion and whimsical- she makes you wish you could be the girl in the picture.  Follow her for inspo on how to live the most beautiful life!


And of course – my BEST FRIENDS and I of @5andwhine for fashion, foody, and motherly advise ! @cksmith416, @kemidgett, @msoty1766, @kwaltman1

Have fun following and please send any other must-see IGers my way!


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