Teentsie’s Runaway Adventure

There once was a pig named Teentsie.  She lived on a farm like most pigs, but she wanted more.  She had a family, a mother and brothers and sisters, but Teentsie never felt like she fit in with the other pigs.  They were happy slopping in the mud and eating leftover scraps, but she wanted to get out away from the farm. Teentsie told her momma one day, “Momma, I am going to the big city, and I am going to get a job!”  Teentsie’s mom told her, “Honey, you have a job.  You’re a pet on a farm, and we eat all the things the family can’t eat so it doesn’t go to waste.” pig in mud One night, when the air was thick and warm and sweet, Teentsie sat and looked out at the sunset as her family settled into the mud for the night.  As she watched the sun setting behind a little house on the hill, she noticed that it was the only house she could see set away from the farm. “Well,” Teentsie said, “I think I can walk to that house tonight, if i leave once everyone’s asleep.” She knew her mother and family would miss her but she wanted to explore outside of the farm life.  She thought she could live in the house all by herself, or even with a human family.  After all, life as a pig wasn’t all it was slopped up to be. Teentsie walked for what felt like days, but she finally reached the little house and there was an old woman sleeping in a rocking chair.  She knew if she was quiet, she could go into the house, find something to eat, and find a quiet place to sleep all without the woman knowing. Teentsie made a cheese sandwich and found a little staircase which led to an attic with tons of old fun clothes, and books and even old records to listen to.  As she settled in for the night, she was exhausted, but Teentsie couldn’t wait to wake up and start having fun in her new home the next day. When she woke up, she ate some of what was left of her cheese sandwich and started to play.  This is what she did! She tinkered on an old piano, pretending to be a famous pianist!  She dressed in fancy gowns and pretended to go to a broadway show.  Teentsie even read a book or two. pig dress up She was starting to get hungry for lunch when she found an album that said “FAMILY”. Teentsie opened the album and saw a beautiful picture of a little girl.  Her curls were blonde and soft.  As she paged through the album, she saw the girl grow up.  She had brothers and sisters and they played in the sun all day long.  There were even pictures on Teentsie’s family farm. She kept turning the pages and saw pictures of the girl getting married and have children of her own, then even become a grandmother.  Everything happened in the very house Teentsie was hiding in.  The woman looked so happy with her friends and family, and this was the same old woman she passed sleeping on the porch the night before. Just then, Teentsie realized that there was plenty of time for her to grow with her family on the farm, and she really wanted to be a pet pig.  She wanted to slop in the mud with her brothers and sisters and even enjoyed eating the leftover food more than a fresh cheese sandwich. “There will be a time in my life when my family and friends may not be here anymore,” thought Teentsie, “but they’re here now so I should enjoy the time I have with them by my side.” Teentsie crept down the stairs, and out the door.  She made it back to the farm just as her brothers and sisters and mother were starting to eat lunch.  Teentsie slinked over to her mother, hoping she wouldn’t be too mad. “Sorry, Momma.”  Teentsie said.  “I went to the house over the hill last night and spent the night there, but I don’t regret doing it.” Teentsie’s mom was so happy to see her she couldn’t be mad, but she wanted to know why her daughter didn’t regret running away.  “Teentsie, I love you and I’m glad you’re home, but why did you leave?” Teentsie thought for a minute and told her mom exactly how she felt.  “I left because I thought I wanted to be more than a pet pig.  I wanted to live in the house over the hill.  When I got there and looked through the attic, I realized what makes a life great: memories with family and friends, and the unconditional love and joy you get from being around others who care about you.” Teentsie’s mom felt proud of her daughter, and Teentsie was happy to be home on the farm once again.
pig baby and mom

This short story is dedicated to Sydney and Elli Smith.


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