Easter Basket Inspiration.

The stomach bug took over our home this week which squashed my plan to prepare my girl’s Easter baskets in advance. I had great visions of elaborate baskets filled with new summer toys, books, “wish list” items and of course, delicious candy. Unfortunately, I more than likely will run out Saturday night after the girls go to bed to try to throw something together. Both my girls are under the age of three so I’m going to try to stick to educational-ish items. Here is a list of the things I will be putting in my toddler’s Easter baskets!

1) Crayons and coloring books-my girls love to color, and it keeps them busy for extended periods of time. They usually color long enough for me to get dinner done or unload the dishwasher.
2) Sidewalk Chalk-sidewalk chalk goes fast in our house. Again, this keeps them occupied!
3) ABC, 123 Flashcards-I will more than likely purchase them because of my time constraint, but flashcards can be made very easily. I found a ton of ideas when I searched “toddler flashcards” on Pinterest.
4) Books, books, books and more books-need I say more?
5) Puzzles-my girls are just starting to get into puzzles and they like to do them together. I really like “Melissa and Doug” wood puzzles, they are colorful, sturdy and have great themes!
6) Bubbles-cheap, and entertaining.
7) Candy-the best part!

Happy Easter! I hope it’s a day filled with love, family, and friends…and of course candy 🙂


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