Things to do in Spring: Pittsburgh Edition

As the temperatures slowly creep up we are starting to break out of the frozen temps and ankle length down jackets.  I have some many different projects and work is heading into a very busy time for me.  I thought that making a list of the happenings that we have on the calendar as well as projects that I would like to get completed by the end of summer would be a good starting point.  So in saying that I went to town making my list of all of my DIY’s.

I wanted to ensure that we get the items on our list done but not without having some fun this summer.  Living in Pittsburgh is great because of the amazing accessibility that a city has to offer without being totally overwhelming.  We really feel like this is a great town to explore and are constantly finding new great restaurants, or another new neighborhood to explore.  I wanted to make a top 5 list of the fun activities that I would like to do as soon as the weather breaks!  Enjoy!

1. E is an avid bike rider and although I’m not a huge fan I know I would enjoy some of the top trails of 2015 in and around Pittsburgh.  The Three Rivers Heritage trail at 24 miles seems a bit daunting but I believe that I can eventually get there.


Three Rivers Heritage Trail – which goes right along the 3 rivers!


2. Take in a ball game!  PNC park is an amazing ball park I love it’s super modern and super Pittsburgh decor.  We have gone every year that we were living in PA since we were in college.  It’s a great afternoon activity the best part is you don’t have to spend a lot of money on tickets you can get really great rates sometimes if you book right before the start of the game.

3. Do more of my grocery shopping at the infamous strip district.  Kristina wrote about this back in her post Just plain good and gritty.  As the winter months drew upon us we got very lazy about bundling up and heading down outside to get groceries.  I am excited to incorporate this back into our weekly or at least bi-weekly routine.

4. On a rainy day instead of heading into a museum I always forget about Heinz History Center.  I’m always fascinated by the different exhibits and this is a great way to get out of the house and learn something more about the city.  I’m most exciting about checking out the We Can Do it WWII! Exhibit

5. Going to a lot of our local breweries that have crept up all over the city.  There are still a few that we are looking forward to going to.


Lawerencville – Up and coming neighborhood in the area that has a ton of amazing restaurants and breweries! I see a walking tour in our near future!


Happy Spring Yinz (Pittsburgh way of saying you guys!)


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