DIY: Felt ball mobile

Around the holidays, I noticed that several of my favorite bloggers incorporated felt balls into their seasonal decor.  I loved the whimsical feel and started looking for ways to include them in my nursery design.  (You may have even noticed the mobile I included in the nursery mood board I created a few months ago.)  The Etsy versions are super cute, but didn’t really fit into my budget so I decided to try to make my own.  It was a quick and easy project (30-45 minutes MAX) and I’m really happy with the results.


DIY felt mobile materials


  • 1 pack embroidery yarn (white) (cost: $.40)
  • 1 pack embroidery needles  (cost: $1.50)
  • 2 packages of felt yarn balls ( I ordered mine here.) (cost: $9.50)
  • 1 pack of heart charms (plastic beads could also be used) (cost: $ 1.50)
  • Plastic white mobile ( I ordered this one– make sure you order the extended version!) (cost: $12.99)
    • Total cost: $25.89


  • Open the packs of felt balls and determine the pattern you want to create for your mobile.  I decided to use a wide variety of colors to add a pop of color and interest to the room.  The middle two stings also contain one extra felt ball.


    Determine a pattern for the yarn balls.

  • Cut the embroidery yarn to the desired length and tie on the metal heart charm.  This will serve as the weight at the bottom and straighten out the yarn.
Metal charm

Add the metal charm to the bottom of the embroidery yarn.

Metal charm

  • On the other end of the yarn, use the embroidery needle to sting on the yarn balls.

Sting on the yarn balls.

  • When I added the large felt ball to the top of the embroidery yarn, I noticed that it started to slip.  As a quick fix, I tied a small knot for the large felt ball to rest on.  (See the picture below…)



  • Line up the completed string to ensure the yarn balls are evenly spaced.

Completed strings

  • Attach the completed strings to your mobile and enjoy! 🙂
completed mobile

DIY- felt mobile


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