Green Thumb: Mason Jar Herb Planters

Spring is slowly but surely creeping around the corner.  (I say that despite the fact that I bought a new down coat yesterday- because I was cold, not because of the price).   The one thing I am most excited about when it comes to warm weather is building our garden.  Although Mike is the brains in the backyard – last year I made a request that I am thrilled about- Mason Jar Herb Planters.

I saw them all over pinterest and thought it was a cool look and a reasonable project.

You may know by now that I love to cook – and having fresh herbs outside your door makes a world of difference in your summer dishes.

We decided to go with some of our fav’s:  Basil, Parsley, Lavender, Oregano, Thyme, and Chives.

IMG_3513It is very simple.

  • We bought Ball Wide Mouth 1/2 Gallon Canning Jars.
  • Flip the Jar upside down and use a diamond drill bit to cut 3 pencil size holes for maximum drainage (Wear protective eye-wear!) .
  • Add a variety of stones.  Do not go crazy on how nice the stones look – eventually the soil will cover them to the point where you can not see them.  These stones will allow for water to trickle through the bottom of the feeder.  This way your plants do not drown.
  • Add potting soil.
  • Add seedlings of your choice!


We also bought pipe clamps and drilled them into our fence.  This way they are out of the way of the dog, they reach a sunny place in the yard, but they are not permanently fixed if we need to move them to shade.



This year we have started early enough to attempt planting straight from the seed!

Wish us luck!



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