Mommy’s Little Firecracker: an update on nesting

Lance and I spent some of this Saturday and Sunday putting together our crib, and it’s finally finished!  We were so excited until we tried to put the storage drawer in the bottom and it didn’t fit!  We are going to have to complain to the company.  Anyway, with this little guy’s tiny room, we’re happy with just the essentials.  Here’s what we have done so far to get the nursery ready:

1. Painted the walls, baseboards and doors.

2. Put the crib together.

3. Bought a changing table/dresser from craigslist for $100 and polished the scratches out

4. Cleaned-up a borrowed glider which needed a good scrubbing (thanks sissy!)

5. Inserted a borrowed crib mattress.

6. Washed all of little guys clothes, most of which we got for free from some hometown neighbors!




I would still like to add window treatments, toy storage, bedding, and a rug but these things will come with time.  I also asked my nieces and nephews to create some art for his room and can’t wait to hang it when I get it!  Read more about our Garry Landreth inspired nursery here!

Now I know I owe everyone an update on my preparation for a Yard Sale from my story called Just Put a Sticker on it!  Here’s how it’s going.

1. My start and end dates were not realistic.  I just started my third trimester, and getting all the things together for a yard sale in just one weekend isn’t possible.  I have been slowly but surely going through closets and clutter spots and asking my husband to take things downstairs as I put them aside.  Example:  Today while I was mopping the floor in the nursery, I pulled everything out of the closet and went through things to give away such as old picture frames, and a few wedding presents I haven’t used and never will.

Here's my stock pile in the basement.  So far, I have some old furniture, picture frames, albums, craft tools, old dishes, coffee table and hopefully clothes, furniture and kitchen gadgets, soon!

Here’s my stock pile in the basement. So far, I have some old furniture, vases, picture frames, albums, craft tools, old dishes, coffee table and hopefully clothes, more furniture and kitchen gadgets, soon!  The water jug isn’t for sale, I just can’t lift it out of the way!

2. I’m not sure if I want to “Put a Sticker on it.”  I think I might just leave everything without a price sticker and when someone asks how much something is, I will ask them what they want to pay.  After all, it’s not like I am going to keep it if they don’t want it, right?

3. My best friend Meagan is going to do the yard sale with me at her house, and we picked April 18.  That gives me one weekend after Easter weekend to get the remaining things together and get my husband to let go of some things.  My line will be, “Don’t you want to sell these things so we can have some extra money for the baby?”

4. I’m going to start looking for spots online to communicate about the yard sale!  to start, then I will try to post some community calendars and Facebook groups.

5. Finally, I am going to get a few neon signs and markers and advertise the old-fashioned way!


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