Podcasts: mobile knowledge

I am a 29-year-old woman with the tech-savviness of a 70 year old.  I HATE most technology, but something I am quite fond of are podcasts!  I went from listening to audiobooks in the car to listening to podcasts.

My first and most favorite podcast is Serial.  This podcast recounts a murder mystery in 1999, in Baltimore.  What interesting is that this particular case and the work done on the case has resulted in an appeal. I highly recommend listening to Serial.

Every Monday, I download the newest episode of This American Life.  I can cry, laugh, smile, and learn something new all on my way to work.  The topics are broad; ranging from racism, and teen pregnancy to the story of a family deer that was the star in a school play.  They’re always interesting and fun.

I recently started enjoying Invisibilia which stars two of the writers from This American Life, talking about the invisible forces that control human behavior, ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions.  My most favorite episode was about a blind man who used sonar to see.

I also really enjoy The Moth, which is a series of short stories told by people who have experienced them first-hand, and NPR Food.  What are some of your favorite Podcasts to listen to, and what would you recommend I listen to?


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