3 New York Finds!

This past weekend Rachel (of 5andwhine) and our bestie Niki decided to take a trip to the Big Apple!  We had so much fun having the ultimate girls weekend. Of course we had planned lined up from dancing to eating and shopping. I really miss livin in LA and having the big city accessibility to get practically anything I want at my doorstep. Now that we are east coasters again we can have that same experience again well minus the driving 6 hours to get there. Here were my top three favorite things we did over the weekend. These were placed I never got to see/do.

1. Chicago on Broadway- I have a soft spot in my heart for any musical. In high school I participated in all the shows. Jennifer Neetles was an amazing Roxie!


2. BirchBox in Soho – The ever popular gift subscription brought to life in their brick and mortar location.  Set in between the narrow yet beautiful streets of Soho.  We got to build our own BirchBox for 15 bucks!! I have yet to try all of the products so check back for an update later.  I would highly recommend strolling through here on your next trip.


3.  Last but not least hanging with my girls!  We so rarely get to take these girls trips to reconnect with one another. I was away for so long and although now I miss my friends on the west coast badly it feels good to be home.  This pic is from Chicago.



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