My top five favorites from February!

I am so excited it is March!  It can only mean warmer weather, outside activities, upcoming summer tans, and did I mention better weather?  In saying that I would like to make a tribute to my top five favorite things that happened in February!

1. Valentines Brunch at E2 (pronounced E squared) in the Highland Park neighborhood of Pittsburgh.  We rarely go out to dinner the night of Valentines as it can be crazy and I’m never very satisfied with the fixed menu options.  Brunch the next morning was a great compromise.  Featured in the photo are their famous Zeppolli and tiny donuts!


2. Another great project that got started this past month was our bedroom.  I was able to repaint all of the woodwork and then painted the entire room myself in this amazing Deep Irish Sea from the Ralph Lauren collection of Home Depot.  I was very nervous painting our room such a dark color but with our light bedding.  It turned into a super serene place to fall asleep at night (although anyone can tell you I don’t really need any help with that).


3. There were so many major fashion wins this past month.  But what I was most excited about besides Fashion Week was how major everyone looked the Academy Awards.  There were so many jaw dropping looks to choose from but I’d have to say I have to give it to Rosamund Pike she looked so stunning in that crimson gown.

2015 Annual Academy Awards - Los Angeles

4. This is something small but I finally replaced my Tom’s that I accidentally put in the dryer last year it was a long story but they were replaced by a new metallic black slip-on.  They are currently on sale at Journey’s!



5. The official launch and reveal of 5andwhine to the masses.  I am so excited to be able to share with all of our friends, and family what we have been working on for the past four months.  Our reveal on Valentines Day was a hit and 2 days in we already had a following!  Thank you all for following along with us be sure to continue to spread the word!





 What were your favorite moments of February 2015??





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