The perfect nude lip 😍

Lip color is my new favorite thing.  I was so afraid of it in the past, but after trying several samples and watching a few glam girls on YouTube; I started to get the knack of things!  

I found electric purples and vibrant reds! The one thing I struggled with was the perfect nude.  Nude is so classic.  It can be romantic or edgy, day or night.  To me it is uber feminie.  I wanted to create my perfect nude and I had felt like I tried everything!  Of course it was too dark, too milky, too matte, or too shiny.

Finally I realized that just like paints … I was going to have to mix, match, and blend my own custom nude.

After trying about 20 colors from Baum to full on lipstick I was about to give up.  The specialist at Sephora suggested a nude matte base.

I ended up purchasing :

  • NYX Wonder Pencil in Medium
  • NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Madere
  • NARS  Lip Gloss in Stolen Kisses


You can see how discolored my lips are with out the lip color (however did I go with out!?).   The matte lipstick has two purposes: to neutralize my lip color and to work as a primer to fill in the winter chaps.  The liner allows for it to all stay in place and me to stay in the lines.  The gloss is the pretty rosy color.   

With out the base color and liner I did not like the gloss on its own.  It certainly was no where near a nude tone.  The benefit of the extra purchases means I can now turn every lip gloss or baum I already own into an entirely seperate color just by adding the matte before it!

Have any pointers for this new to nude girl!?  


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