Acrtic Blast induced cabin fever…

The arctic blast that has been hovering over most of the east coast has created cabin fever in our home. To say we are looking forward to warm weather would be an understatement, heck at this point I would take any temperature over 35 degrees! When the weather outside is frightful, parents everywhere scramble for activities to save the household’s sanity!

Here are a few my favorite “Arctic Blast” activities:

1) Do a craft: this does not have to be anything fancy! Yesterday we finger painted, last week we made a Valentine’s Day banner and cards for my husband. My daughters usually can be occupied for about an hour with a craft, which gives me time to get housework or other things done while they craft quietly.

2) PLAYDOH! Playdoh has become an amazing time occupier in our home. Syd loves to play and create with her Playdoh. This also gives me some one-on-one time with Elli as she is still a bit too young to use Playdoh.
3) Have “movie time.” Get out sleeping bags, pillows, and a snack and curl up for snuggly movie time!
4) Play Hide-&-Seek: This is a great before bedtime game. Both my girls are amazed by this game. I hide in closets or behind things and they love trying to find me.
5) Create an imaginary store: Sydney loves to set-up her own coffee shop. She gathers her tea party cups and my coffee k-cups and takes everyone’s order.
6) Find a fun activity outside the home. Our community offers tons of fun things for kids. Last weekend we went to a concert held at the SteelStacks in Bethlehem. The girls got to interact and dance with other kids and got some pent up energy out!

Party People!

Party People!

7) Go shopping somewhere, anywhere! Just get out of the house for an hour or two. Target is usually where we end up if we need to get out.
8) Have “spa time.” My girls love to take warm bubble baths especially on super cold days.

Best of luck and COME ON, SPRING!!!


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