Pink Baby Shower…Part 2

In continuing the theme of my baby shower and last week’s post on how we prepared, today I’m going to walk you step-by-step around the room to see how it all came together.

When the shower guests entered the large room, we had two tables set-up as the guest book area.  I stumbled across two old crib mattress springs a few weeks before the shower, and we used clothes pins to display some of our old baby clothing and pictures from when we were little.  Also displayed were the gender reveal pictures Ken and I had taken in late November.

Crib springs

Ken's baby clothing

Ken’s baby clothing

At the end of the table were paper onesies in a variety of colors: pink, light pink, and teal.  We asked each guest to leave a short note on one of the paper onesies and use a push-pin to hang them in the two shadow boxes that were open on the table.  (Fun fact- these shadow boxes were hung in Ken’s room all throughout his childhood.  He used them to display the awards he received from sports and music achievements.  I sprayed them with a coat of white spray paint to give them a fresh, new feel.)  After the shower, we hung them in the nursery above the changing table.  I have a feeling I’ll need the encouraging words when I’m tending to late night diaper changes.


Baby clothing at the guestbook station.

The center of the room was filled with round tables where people could enjoy their lunch.  Each place setting had two games, a nursery rhyme game and a baby poll.  As people found a seat, they were able to fill out the games and chat with the other people at their table.

Baby shower games

Baby shower games

The center of each table held one of the diaper cakes that we made in the weeks prior to the shower.  We added the tissue paper flower and some votive candles to make the table feel more complete.

Diaper cake

Diaper cake centerpieces

One corner of the room held a long table for gifts and on the opposite side of the room was a paint-your-own onesie station.  We purchased onesies in a variety of sizes and pre-washed them so they were ready to wear after the baby shower.  A clothesline in the back corner of the room was an inviting way to welcome guests to this station.


The table was set with a variety of stencils, fabric paint and markers.  Guests had total freedom to write or decorate the onesie they selected.  We had some pretty interesting designs included one from my brother. 🙂  (suggestion- I wish we would have asked guests to write their name or initials on sleeve of the onesie they created.  It would be nice to know which guested created each onesie.)

Onesie station

Paint your own onesie station

The back of the room held all of the food.  The menu consisted of a bruschetta, a vegetable tray with spinach dip, crab dip, a greens salad, penne with pink vodka sauce, and homemade meatball.  Yum!



The hot chocolate bar and dessert station was located off to the side.  I’ve craved chocolate covered donuts my ENTIRE pregnancy so having a donut cake seemed like the best option.  Mini brownies, chocolate mint squares, and raspberry oatmeal bars were also available to guest.


It was such a fun day!  A special thanks to everyone who made the day so memorable!


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