Don’t forget your “treasure bag!”

Grocery shopping is one of my least favorite things to do and unfortunately I passed that down to my children. The girls are generally patient but there have been some trips that have been particularly trying. I recently started making “treasure bags” for my oldest daughter; she is at the age where she does not like to sit still unless she is coloring, or watching “Frozen.” These “treasure bags” have been a lifesaver for us. I pack it before we leave for the store, but for each shopping trip there are different items in it. I take items from around our house, and usually pack a little snack and drink. Sometimes I will purchase items from the dollar section of Target to save for future “treasure bags.”
Here’s a look at this week’s bag:


I included:

-two books: both from the dollar section of Target.
-snack and water
-“Frozen” stickers
-photos of our family
-a coloring book and crayons

This simple little bag has made grocery shopping for my family much easier.  Now, if only I could make an adult one with wine and rerun’s of “Real Housewives…”


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