Pink baby shower…Part 1

Last week I shared a quick sneak-peak into the baby shower my Mom and Mother-in-law hosted a few weeks ago.  Today I wanted to give a behind the scenes look at the planning process that made the day so special.

The planning process began weeks before the shower, when my Mom and Mother-in-law worked to answer three main questions: 1.  Were they going to host a combined shower or hold seperate showers?  2. Where was the shower going to be held?  3. What date worked best for everyone’s schedule?   Once they decided to host a combined shower, the search began for the perfect venue.  They looked at local restaurants and considered having the shower at my parents’ house.  In the end, they decided to a rent a rustic space above a local business.  It was the perfect spot….the room could accommodate 40+ people, it was close to the Turnpike (for family members traveling to the shower) and it allowed flexibility for the games, food, etc that could be used during the event.

We met a few weeks before the shower to prepare the favors, centerpieces, and supplies for the hot chocolate bar.

Baby shower prep

The cold January weather made having a hot chocolate bar an essential part of the baby shower.  We purchased wooden spoons, dipped them in chocolate, and covered them with a variety of toppings (Andies mints, marshmallows, caramel, and sprinkles).

Chocolate spoons

Chocolate dipped spoons!

Keeping with the hot chocolate theme, we decided to fill baby bottles with hot chocolate mix and give them as favors at the shower.  We purchased the bottles on Amazon, filled them with two packets of hot chocolate mix and topped them with a few marshmallows.  A mini chocolate dipped spoon was the perfect way to make the favor feel homemade.

Wrapping favors

Each favor was wrapped in a clear cellophane bag with a pink ribbon.

Hot chocolate favors

Each bottle was filled with two packets of hot chocolate mix and 5 marshmallows. A hand-dipped chocolate spoon with pink sprinkles made the favor complete!

For the centerpieces, we decided to create diapers cakes.  One of our main concerns was the uncertainty of the January weather.  A passing snow storm could easily have postponed the shower so we wanted something that could be used in the event that the shower would need to be rescheduled.

I had seen diaper cakes at other baby showers, but I really wanted to find a tutorial that allowed the diapers to be used after the shower was over. This tutorial was perfect and allowed us to make 8 diapers cakes with ease!

Diaper cake

Ella and I used round cake pans with a paper towel roll in the middle to create the diaper cakes.

Diaper cake

Jael cut colorful fabric and hot glued it around the top and bottom tier of each diaper cake

Diaper cake

My Mother-in-law created tissue paper flowers for the top of each diaper cake.

It was a great day, making memories and planning for the upcoming shower!  Next week I plan to share actual pictures of the baby shower.


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