Almost-spring organizing!

With spring right around the corner (hopefully Phil’s prediction was wrong) the urge to organize and purge has struck. Earlier this week I decided to tackle my hallway linen/storage closet. This closet has been troublesome since we purchased our home almost three years ago. It is the only closet in our house that is not in a bedroom and with our lack of storage space it usually ends up being the catch all.



To start I emptied the entire closet. This gave me a fresh slate. However, I knew I wanted to keep items on the shelves in the same spot. I’m not big on change, especially when grabbing a bath towel at 6am.

Second, I sorted everything. Trash, sheets, towels, hats/scarves, cleaning supplies, and items that needed to be put in the attic.



Third, I refolded all the linens to condense some space.

Lastly, the left over items (hats, scarves, dog stuff, diaper bag…) were put away. Once the weather warms up, I will put the winter gear in a storage bin in the attic but for now we need to be able to access them quickly.



Next up on my almost-spring organizing list…my daughter’s closets.


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