Hitting the mark!

Well folks we have done it E and I have hit the 10 year mark! We have made it through college, tears, moving, California, new friends, new jobs, Arizona, the great outdoors, a wedding and ending up in Pittsburgh in our very first house! We have done and accomplished so much and we did it together which is the most amazing part.  I am grateful everyday that Earnie came into my life.  When we met way back when in college we knew that we were 100% committed to each other and spending the rest of our lives with one another.  The truth of the matter is so much can happen to one’s self with growing, maturing and finding out what we want out of life.  Earnie and I have always have very similar visions but most of our friends and family would say were very opposite.  We always joke that when certain things or we have certain responses to situations that we are morphing into the other person.  My advice for building a long lasting relationship is building a foundation on things that you both love and accepting the other person not for their differences but loving them for having another viewpoint.



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