“It’s a Boy” Egg Surprise!

Lance and I found out on Thursday, January 22, that we are having a baby boy.  A few days before I started planning on how we were going to tell our friends and family.  We aren’t the type to throw a big party or anything, but of course we had to get a little crafty with it, and it had to be something where we could do most of the project ahead of time so I wouldn’t have to keep the secret for long after we found out.

We told some of our family over the phone, through text, over FaceTime and g-chat, and got to tell our co-workers in person.  I found this gender reveal idea on Pinterest.  It involved real eggs, glitter, and a scroll.  It seemed easy enough that I could pull it off multiple times.   I did the project a little differently than instructed, so I thought I would show you how I did it.

1. Take an egg and put a nail through both the top and the bottom.  You have to apply about the same amount of pressure as if you’re pushing a pencil through paper.  Start light and slowly twist the nail, applying more and more pressure until you have pushed a hole in the egg.  Pssttt!  Make sure the hole is about the size of a dull pencil point, or you won’t be able to get the yolk and white out.

Lance blowing away!

Lance blowing away!

2. Blow into one of the holes until all of the yolk and white are out.  I made Lance do this since I figured I probably shouldn’t be ingesting any raw egg.  Not even a little.

3. Wash the egg out with warm water and let it dry.

4. Paint the egg with acrylic paint.


5.  Write “It’s a boy” or “It’s a girl” on a tiny piece of paper and role it up like a scroll.  Push the scroll through the hole.


6.  Put blue or pink  sparkles into the egg by using a tiny funnel or  a rolled up piece of paper.  You can really use any color sparkle you want.

7. Give it to your special someone to surprise them and let them break it open!


What we did with our eggs:

-I gave one egg to my co-workers and they broke it open in person.

-I had Lance drive one egg over to my best friend’s house while she opened it on g-chat with all of my other best friends.

-We broke one egg over FaceTime with Lance’s parents, and held the scroll up to the camera so they could read “It’s a boy”.

-I used that same egg to take a cute picture and post it on Facebook for everyone to enjoy!


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