Here’s to you Kitty!

This week is all about paying homage to our girl Kitty and the little girl that is growing inside!  We are thrilled to be able to welcome a new little one to our close group of girlfriends.  Not to mention spoil her like crazy!  So take a trip with me down memory lane!

Katie was not in my fourth grade glass but one day after recess I was having an asthma attack due to the newly cut grass (#nerdalert).  Katie was across the hallway from me and remembers walking in and seeing me taking deep breaths into a paper bag and also distinctly remembers me wearing a denim hat with the brim turned up in the front with a large fake flower.  This is Katie and my first memory of each other.  Fast forward to the following year and we were in the same class, we weren’t friends yet but that year we figured out that myself, Katie, and a few other girls all lived in the same neighborhood.  After that the rest is history.


When we went onto middle school where we started walking to school with Katie each morning we would meet at her house and her dad would lead the way out the back and up through the alley.   Katie and I would go onto high school and into college and has always been my voice of reason.  When I needed advice I could trust her to give me the best/safest advice.  After school we moved away from one another as my hubby and I embarked on our own adventure Katie and Ken did the same.  We have always been able to pick up exactly where we left off as if no time has ever passed.  That is something that I truly cherish.


You are going to be an amazing mother.  Your little girl is going to have everything she could ever ask for and more! I am so thrilled about having another honorary “niece”.   I am so excited to be able to be a part of this little girl’s life and to see your family grow.



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