The really cool Safety at Lincoln Elementary

I can still remember so clearly the day Katie knocked on my door. We were in 5th grade, and I had just gotten home from a torturous day in Lincoln Elementary. I was new to the school, and Katie was a Safety; patrolling the crosswalks while making friends with my mom and dog.

Fifth grade was a lonely time for me. I had spent pretty much the entire summer alone, and the one friend I had made went to a different school. The school year was even harder than the summer. I got picked on all the time, and really had no friends.

Katie and I became friends that day she knocked on my door. I went to her house and met her family.  We played all year and the entire next summer, and then she introduced me to the other girls in the neighborhood. We’ve carried on our friendship throughout middle school, high school, college at IUP, and into today.

From the time we met at age 11 to now, as we rub our round bellies excited for what the future holds with our first children, Katie has always had my back. Certain things have never wavered about her personality. She loves to surprise people, be thoughtful and caring, and most of all she loves to see everyone happy.

We have raised bunnies, started our own nail painting stand, and have coordinated sleepovers, new sledding routes, camping trips and vacations. I have even chipped her tooth from tickling her in the pool. Through all of this and more, Katie has always had a presence that just lets you know she’s there for you, no matter what, and that she truly cares about you. It’s a harmony of her solid upbringing and values tied in with her tenderheartedness.

When she meets her baby girl for the first time, I’m sure, much like that day she showed up at my front door and be-friended me, Katie’s child will always know she’s there for her, no matter what. She will get to know her mother for the truly remarkable person she is and feel lucky to have her love.

katie snow  katiesweaters


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