Body Happy!

Earlier this week I came across Dove’s Curly Hair Campaign video. The video shows four or five young girls talking about why they dislike their curly hair and what kind of hair they would like. To some this may seem silly but I completely understand the sadness that goes along with not liking something about yourself. It definitely pulled at my heart stings having two little girls who are at a very impressionable age.

Body image and self-confidence has always been something I have struggled with and having two girls I have had to learn how to be happy with my body and teach them that no matter what they are perfect! I think I’m doing a pretty good job especially since it has been something that I have made a conscience effort to work on. I do not talk poorly about my body, hair, clothes, etc in front of my girls. I try to exude positivity about my looks and I make sure to tell my girls they are beautiful every single day.

Last week, my efforts proved I was doing something right. There was a photo on Facebook of an overweight girl in a beautiful blue prom gown. My two year old was sitting next to me and noticed the photo as well, I kept scrolling and she excitedly yelled “stop Mommy, Queen Elsa!” We scrolled back up and she pointed to the photo. She starred at the photo with a giant smile on her face, not judging just enjoying the photo of “Queen Elsa.” I almost cried! It made me feel like I was doing something right.

I can honestly say at the age of 29, I am finally happy with my body. Even though my skin may be saggy from pregnancy, my breasts are no longer perky full B’s but rather non-existant A’s, and my face is starting to show the wear and tear of sleepless nights, but all of these “battle scars” are because of my beautiful babies. I’m passing my beauty on and I hope my girls know each and every day just how beautiful they are!


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