Friday Fav 5!

Happy Friday!  Here are a few of my favorite items from the past week.

5) Seventh Generation Natural Dish Liquid: I LOVE this stuff. Not only is it tough on grease and left-over, stuck-on food but it’s super gentle on my hands.  I also love that it is unscented especially when washing my daughter’s bottles; there is no residual smell or taste left on the nipples after washing them. Not to mention, the price is great!

4) Old Navy Women’s Funnel-Neck Vented-Hem Sweater: I currently reside in this sweater.  I have it in the color they call “Raisin Arizona” which is a maroon’ish color.  I love pairing it with skinny jeans and tan booties or black leggings and black boots.  It’s super comfortable and easy to wash.

3) BISSEL PowerTrak Compact Vacuum: This was originally an unwanted Christmas gift but in the past week I have fallen in love with it.  Our home is all hardwood however we have area rugs in some of the rooms.  It does great on my area rugs but it also has a bare floor option which I love for a quick clean up.  It also comes with a small rotating “TurboBrushTool” which is great for cleaning dog hair off of the sofa. My favorite feature is the Febrez vacuum filter which leaves my house smelling fresh and clean!

2) Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer: This is my go-to moisturizer.  It makes my skin feel soft and it smells great too.  I love that I control how dark or how light my “glow” is.  If I want a deeper bronze I apply more than once a day but generally I use it every other day and it leaves me with a nice natural-looking color!

1) My babies and husband!  They inspire me everyday to be a great mommy and wife!


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