Therapeutic Organizing

With my first pregnancy I have definitely noticed that I have less energy than usual.  I have been a slacker in a few of my usual duties around the house,  but Lance was away at a retreat for the weekend and I was very excited to see him today so I felt excited to get moving and get organized.   I wanted him to come home to a clean house so I woke up bright and early and was on a mission.

help me

I don’t just tidy up, or wipe things off when I clean.  I physically can’t just clean for an hour or so.  It usually takes me at least 6 hours to do the entire house, but I have to be realistic about what my body can handle and what things I need help with.

This is what I got done today before noon (in about 3 hours): cleaned and organized the refrigerator, cleaned and organized our cupboards, did the laundry, changed the sheets on the bed, put all the Christmas decorations and the tree away, organized the Christmas gift wrap for next year, vacuumed the floors.  Before I picked him up at 2 p.m., I went grocery shopping.

I can’t describe what kind of happiness I get from cleaning and organizing.  I have a messy personality (I’m the girl with dirty clothes on the floor), so by taking the time to get myself organized I feel mentally healthier.  I often feel trapped or frustrated when things are unorganized or too cluttered in my home.  I am in no way a clean freak or a perfectly organized person, but there’s something that makes me feel at ease when the sink has no dishes in it.  Maybe it has to do with the pride of taking care of my home and my life.  Maybe it has to do with the cathartic release.  Whatever it is, it feels great!

Here’s more information on the cathartic relief of cleaning:

Happy Organizing!!!  Do it!  It feels better!



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