2015: Reflect rather than Resolve

2014 brought many new and wonderful life moments for our family; the first being our family of three, became a family of four just before the new year began. Not only did my husband and I look forward to all the amazing new things we would learn as parents with one child but now we had a brand new baby to learn even more from. At the beginning of the year Sydney had just learned to walk and said an impressive two words; Elli didn’t do much other than sleep, eat and poo. We looked forward to every new thing Syd did and couldn’t wait for Elli to catch up.

Babies circa 2014

Babies circa 2014

The past year is a complete blur to me. It literally flew by. It feels like just yesterday we brought Elliot home from the hospital and Sydney couldn’t form a sentence let alone eat with a fork. Now my “new” baby is walking and starting to talk and my two year old has the attitude of a teenager and is almost as tall as me (not, kidding…she’s the size of a four year old). Where did the time go??

As a parent you look forward to every single new milestone. It’s easy to forget to enjoy and embrace the moment you are in. That’s why I have decided, this year rather than trying to resolve something in my life, I’m going to reflect on moments. I want to take in all the little things; the way the girl’s hair smells after they take a bath, that proud moment when Sydney said “yes, please” for the first time, the way Elli’s head fits perfectly on my shoulder. All of the little moments are here for a split second and then they are no longer new and I more than likely will not experience them again.

I want to take in little moments with family and friends as well. Life can be taken so quickly. Two days after Thanksgiving we suddenly lost my husband’s grandfather. He was a wonderful man who I had the great pleasure of knowing. Gramps was a man devoted to his family, he would light up whenever we visited with the girls. I hold those moments close to my heart and I know my husband does as well.

So this year, I challenge you to take a few minutes each day, not fix yourself or resolve things, but reflect on all of the amazing (or not so amazing) things happening in your life. Hold on to those little moments, learn from them, because in the blink of an eye you may never see them again.



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